Joint PDZnet-TASPPI conference

On the 26th and 27th of November 2018 the two ITN networks PDZnet and TASPPI carried out a joint conference for their ESRs at the University of Copenhagen. Both networks are focusing on protein-protein interactions, but with different approaches. The PDZnet concentrates on peptides, whereas the TASPPI research is on the level of small molecules. On the first day, senior researchers from universities and companies presented their findings in the shared field and talked about future drug design possibilities. On the second day, the ESRs of both networks presented their research efforts and discussed each other’s work. At the final […]

Learning about imaging, ultracentrifugation, and Cryo-EM in Prague

In September 2018, from the 11th until the 14th, TASPPI members gathered to learn about different aspects of imaging techniques, mass spectrometry techniques, ultracentrifugation and even more!

Publication of Alice is online

The first TASPPI paper of Alice is now online. The first publication of Alice Ballone as first author is now online. Together with her TASPPI colleagues Federica Centorrino and Madita Wolter, she solved the crystal structure of SOS1 in complex with 14-3-3.

Publication of Federica online

The first publication of Federica as first author is now online Together with her TASPPI colleagues Alice Ballone and Madita Wolter , Federica solved the crystal structure of USP8 in complex with 14-3-3.